Roger Parsons Sweet Peas


Spencer varieties remain in short supply as a result of poor harvests in 2012 and 2013.
The following varieties and species are available at £45.00 per 100g except where stated (other quantities pro rata; minimum 25g of one variety/species). We are not registered for VAT. To confirm availability of the quantity you want, please Email:

Winter-flowering varieties
Solstice Crimson
Solstice Lavender
Solstice Light Blue
Solstice Light Pink
Solstice Mid Blue
Solstice Orchid
Solstice Rose
Solstice Salmon
Solstice White

Spencer varieties
Spencer Mixture
Bicolour Mixture
Flaked Mixture

Old Fashioned varieties
Black Knight
Captain of the Blues
Flora Norton
Violet Queen

Semi-grandiflora varieties
Zorija Rose

Semi-grandiflora Mixture

Annual species
Lathyrus annuus Mixed £30.00 per 100g
Lathyrus chloranthus £30.00 per 100g
Lathyrus hirsutus £20.00 per 100g
Lathyrus sativus Mixed

Perennial species
Lathyrus laevigatus
Lathyrus sylvestris £20.00 per 100g
Lathyrus vernus Mixed
Lathyrus vernus subsp. vernus

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