Roger Parsons Sweet Peas


The following varieties and species are available at £45.00 per 100g except where stated (other quantities pro rata; minimum 25g of one variety/species). We are not registered for VAT. To confirm availability of the quantity you want, please Email:

Winter-flowering varieties
Solstice Crimson
Solstice Lavender
Solstice Light Blue
Solstice Light Pink
Solstice Mid Blue
Solstice Orchid
Solstice Rose
Solstice Salmon
Solstice Scarlet

Spencer varieties
Spencer Mixture
Anniversary - white with pink edge
Audrey Kirkman - marbled pink
Bicolour Mixture
Blue Danube - mid blue
Blue Shift - purple, changing to mauve blue
Buccaneer - crimson
Carlotta - carmine
Daily Mail - orange carmine
Ethel Grace - lavender
Flaked Mixture
Flying Visit - white flushed deep violet
Gwendoline - pale magenta pink on white ground
Hannah Magovern - scarlet
Jacqueline Ann - deep lavender
Jilly - cream
John Gray - light pink
Judith Wilkinson - deep carmine
Just Julia - mid blue
King Size Navy Blue - navy blue
Millennium - crimson
Naomi Nazareth - light blue
Rosemary Padley - crimson
Sir Jimmy Shand - lilac stripe on white ground
Striped Mixture
White Frills - white
White Supreme - white
Wild Swan - white

Old Fashioned varieties
Old-fashioned Mixture
Black Knight - dark maroon
Captain of the Blues - mauve / blue bicolour
Dorothy Eckford - white
Flora Norton - light blue
King Edward VII - mid red
Lord Nelson - navy blue
Mrs. Collier - cream
Violet Queen - violet blue

Semi-grandiflora and Modern Grandiflora varieties
Semi-grandiflora Mixture
Albutt Blue - white with blue edge
Baby's Blush - pale blush pink / white bicolour
Cathy - cream
Heathcliff - mauve blue
Kingfisher - violet flush on cream ground
Matucana - maroon / violet bicolour
Princess of Wales - purple flake on white ground
Zorija Rose
- deep carmine

Annual species
Lathyrus annuus Mixed £30.00 per 100g
Lathyrus chloranthus £30.00 per 100g
Lathyrus hirsutus £20.00 per 100g
Lathyrus sativus Mixed

Perennial species
Lathyrus laevigatus
Lathyrus sylvestris £20.00 per 100g
Lathyrus vernus Mixed
Lathyrus vernus subsp. vernus

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